Specializing In Cybersecurity IT Services For Small and Mid-sized Companies

Why hire and manage 5-6 different IT vendors for your biotech company when CyberHawks can do them ALL while lowering costs, reducing downtime and eliminating IT-related headaches? From IT support to our state of the art cybersecurity services, we can eliminate your IT, security and business application problems so you can focus on bringing revolutionary solutions to your customers.


About Thomas Dhumad, Founder and CEO of CyberHawks:

After 12 years as Senior Managing Consultant for Progent, an IT outsourcing company certified for both Microsoft and Cisco technologies, Thomas had the vision to launch CyberHawks as a next generation IT services company.

While with Progent, Thomas functioned as an outsourced CIO or Director of IT who works with their client’s C-level executives to help define, plan and execute technology needs to support their business activities.

From the hundreds of small and mid-size companies that Thomas worked with, he witnessed an evolution of needs that businesses had as IT shifted from a support function to the primary interface that businesses have today with their customers and the delivery of their products and services.

CyberHawks is a Bay Area, California based leader and innovator in managed IT - helping businesses harness the power of TODAY’s technology to drive greater efficiencies and profits. CyberHawks leverages technology to architect and implement solutions that will move the needle in their business.

Companies engage Thomas and his team at CyberHawks for the following reasons:

  • Need a technology vision that matches their business objectives
  • Need a realistic technology plan for their organization
  • Need to augment their internal IT staff
  • Need a turn-key Cybersecurity and managed IT solution

While for some clients, Thomas and CyberHawks provide a better IT solution that is focused on customer needs and budget, the most powerful opportunity of working with Thomas is to leverage his insight and expertise regarding how Cybersecurity and Technology can be applied to establish definable and measurable business results.