Whether you like it or not, startup businesses need IT services to function well. You may postpone having them while you are in the process of finding your bearings, but you can’t get by without them for long.

When the time comes, and you need to get business IT support fast, your budget may not allow the luxury of having an in-house IT team working full time. At best, you will be able to afford business IT solutions on a per-project or part-time basis.



Leave Nothing to Chance


How do you decide which provider to hire and what IT services to specify?

This blog post suggests10 of the more critical questions to ask your prospective candidates. Their answers will leave no doubt whether they will be an excellent fit to meet your needs or not.


Question 1:  Does it have experience handling your type and size of business?

Answer #1:

Businesses, regardless of size, use varying programs in their operations. It’s crucial for an IT services provider to be familiar with your type of business, what programs you use, and how to support them with the necessary hardware and software.


Question 2: How quickly can it respond? 

Answer #2:

Your IT assets can break down any time, or a security-related incident can strike without warning. Your IT partner must be able to respond to any crisis as quickly as possible to avoid costly downtime and mitigate damage.


Question 3: Is their service reactive or proactive?

Answer #3:

A provider that merely reacts to a problem as it arises does not resolve its root causes. The issue will recur despite quick-fix measures. It is best to choose a partner that can provide proactive technology management, monitoring your network, and anticipating problems before they cause headaches.


Question 4: Can they adapt to your requirements as you grow?

Answer #4:

As your startup business grows and IT support requirements scale up, your provider must be able to keep up. It should have no problem customizing solutions such as augmenting staff, collaborating with you in crafting long-term IT plans, or shifting from part-time to full-time status. If it can’t grow with you, it can hold you back.


Question 5: Who are their technology partners?

Answer #5:

A provider of IT services for small business is only as good as its technology partners. Ask a candidate which vendors it has teamed up with and why. It would be easy to Google their names to determine whether they have a reputation for reliability and high-quality technology to benefit your business.


Question 6: Who will they assign to your account?

Answer #6:

Merely assigning a technician won’t do. You need a dedicated account person that can provide comprehensive support, including help-desk chores, scheduling consultative meetings, and coordinating tech and strategic functions that your account requires.


Question 7: What is their pricing method?

Answer #7:

IT services providers use different pricing models, such as per-project basis, time consumed, or according to varying service bundles or tiers. See if the model they use is compatible with your overall business and technology strategies.


Question 8: What exact services would the package include?

Answer #8:

Startup businesses often have strict budgets, and any unexpected expense can complicate the cash flow, especially if you don’t have the resources to cover them. To avoid surprises, be very clear about what you require from the start and what services you’d need to pay extra.


Question 9: Can you terminate the contract anytime?

Answer #9:

As a startup, it’s hard to foresee when you have to scale down or cut costs, so it’s essential to find a provider that will not require long-term contracts. Having the option to terminate IT services whenever necessary gives you the flexibility to align your resources as your needs demand.


Question 10: Do you provide guarantees for your service? 

Answer #10:

A guarantee can take the form of a pledge to quickly and dependably be on hand to fix issues whenever they arise. For example, Cyberhawks guarantees a fast response time of 7 minutes after notification. We stand behind our service and work hard to make it right.


The Right IT Provider Has All the Answers


It would be best to consider many factors while choosing the provider that’s right for your business strategy and budget.

Making the correct choice would depend on knowing what you require and ensuring that the provider has the technology and professional IT servicesto meet it.

Talk to a Cyberhawks expert who will give you the answers about the right IT services for your business.