small business it services

IT services for small business are attracting startups looking to streamline their processes and become more competitive. The primary reason for the attraction is simple.

Managed IT services reduce cost because you don’t have to train, pay regular salaries, and rent an office to leverage top-notch technical advice from experts. What’s more,IT support brings new perspectives to your in-house staff as highly skilled professionals introduce them to new technology and make them more conscious about cybersecurity.

On the other hand, IT services for small business come with some risks.

Startups have certain expectations about the service, but some of them do not necessarily reflect the reality on the ground.

Setting the Record Straight 

The disparity is something that we need to reconcile before benefiting from IT support. Perceptions that turn out to be misconceptions can lead to problems that will disrupt business operations and hurt your bottom line.

We’ve investigated the everyday expectations about IT services for small business to find out if they’re real. We are clearing up the fallacies so that startups know what to expect and harness the service to their full advantage.


Expectation #1

The IT services provider becomes a dependable part of your team.


While this is true with Cyberhawks, some providers are reluctant to commit fully, fearing they’d be unable to respond to remote clients adequately. They may also be worried that if they do, it may not be within the agreed budget.


Expectation #2

You can trust your IT security services provider with confidential data.


As with all human interactions, you can’t be sure that all providers will keep sensitive info to themselves. One way to discourage it is to ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement with explicit liability provisions. It may not be foolproof, but it will serve to deter any possible breach.


Expectation #3:

It would be easy to communicate and collaborate with them.


Differences in cultural norms, language barriers, and disparate time-zones can sometimes make communication and cooperation difficult.


Expectation #4:

They will solve all your problems.


They will suggest solutions, but they may not necessarily be what you need, given the stage of business you’re in.


Expectation #5: 

You have limited IT services options if you have a small budget.


Small Business IT Services can be customized to fit your priorities and your budget.


Cyberhawks’ Jumpstart IT services for startups, for example, provides a package of IT services that include productivity apps, malware protection, email security, and help desk services for as little as $2.97 a day.

That’s a big boost that can translate to enhanced productivity and teamwork.


Choose the Right IT Provider 

IT services for small business help level the playing field by assisting startups to do more while reducing costs.

The risk of choosing the wrong IT provider can be avoided by carefully looking into a company’s background, the projects it had handled, and how it had performed.

Finally, be crystal clear about what you specifically need, the expertise required to achieve it, and the metrics to measure performance.

Talk to a Cyberhawks expert for a no-obligation consultation on the right package for your business.